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Negotiation Skills

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Negotiating in today's business environment, we know how precious your time is so have amalgamated the 2 Negotiation Skills Courses previously offered into one high impact course. 

The course combines the best of the previous 2 courses and will help you achieve greater negotiation success through:-  Effective preparation for negotiating from a position of strength  Using added value to enhance your offer whilst protecting your profit  The 6 psychological principles that will help you get a "yes" time and time again  Recognising the games people play and developing effective strategies to overcome them.


"Very well paced; clear instruction with plenty of practical exercise to make learning more effective" Simon Hodge, Check-In London 

From: 24/5/2017
To: 24/5/2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm GMT +1

Venue Information:
Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury
Coram Street

Type: Training Courses


Rosemary Bannister
HT Training